Gary Woodring, Pastor

Pastor Gary Woodring has pastored churches in Arkansas, Alabama, and currently is our pastor at LBC. He has served as our pastor since October of 1997.  Gary surrendered to the ministry in 1980.  He earned his Ba. Degree in Bible Languages as well as a Ba. Degree in Theology from the Missionary Baptist Seminary located in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He  received his Master degree in Theology from Oxford Baptist Institute in Oxford, Mississippi in 1998.  He is passionate about God, God's Word, and seeing people discover and then growing in Christ.

 Pastor Gary is blessed to be married to a beautiful devoted and loving wife who shares his passion for Jesus.  They are blessed with three children; Tim, Amanda, and Jonathan and nine grandchildren. 

Amanda is serving in Togo Africa.  She and Andy Justison are sent out by their church in Evansville, Indiana and are with ABWE.  They have four children.  Jonathan serves as the associate pastor with Aaron Johnson at Lifepoint Baptist Church in Washington, PA.  Jonathan and Kristine have three children.  Tim and Tamara have three children and are currently serving at Revealing Light in Edinburg, Indiana where Tim serves as pastor. 

Pictured left to right are Tim, Amanda, and Jonathan.